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Frequently Asked Questions

As professional wedding DJ and Photo Booth Services, we are able to personalize and customize music for your wedding. Here are some commonly asked questions for you.

1. Why should I consider a DJ for my wedding reception?

A great DJ can transform a wedding reception into a great fun celebration. Your DJ is also playing coordinator throughout the event, helping to keep things running on time, and communicating with your photographer and videographer so nothing gets missed. 

Did you know that the day after the wedding 99% of couples wished they had spent more of their budget on entertainment? Maybe it’s because the reception dance is usually  about 4-5 hours, which is as long or longer than the entire ceremony, cocktail hour and meal combined! Your wedding may be the most expensive party you will ever host, so let’s make it the kind of party your friends and family are talking about for years to come.

Did you know that entertainment is at least 75% responsible for the success of your wedding? People will remember how much FUN they did or DIDN’T have. All the details of a wedding are important,  but having FUN is very important too.

2. What areas do you service?

We service most areas in Missouri and Illinois. We will travel up to 60 miles from Jefferson County at no extra charge, if over 60 miles then we do charge a travel fee.

3. Do you provide music for the ceremony or cocktail hour?

We do offer ceremony and cocktail services. Just add it on to your contract. 4

4. How do I know people are going to love dancing to the music you play?

We have a great track record of happy couples and guests. We have an extensive song-list and will play songs that will help get your guest up and dancing. We also play slow songs as well as up-beat dance numbers throughout the evening. Our performers will encourage but do not harass your guests into joining us on the dance floor. We will go over your vision with your before you event, and get your must play song list. We also take guest requests which helps them to get up and dance to some of their favorite songs.

5. How do I know I'm getting a good value for my money?

 We strive to meet and exceed your expectations and most importantly you will be relaxed knowing that we want to give you the event that you envision while also catering to your guests. We want you to feel comfortable with us, and you may call or email anytime with questions or concerns. We are a family owned business so you know you are getting personalized family orientated service each time.

6. How can we trust the DJ show up on time?

Your DJ will arrive to your event to setup about 2 hours before our start time, we want to ensure everything is in order and get our sound checks finished before your guests arrive. As soon as we are all setup we may start playing a little early.

7. How do you guarantee that the volume won't be too loud?

Many of us have been to an event where the music was just too loud. We want your guests to enjoy their night without the music being overly loud. We do service may different types of venues, so this is the reason that we will do early sound checks, and walk to different areas of the venue to check sound. In the event you would ever feel that the music is too loud or too soft we encourage you to let our DJ know.

8. Do you provide other services? For example Photo Booth lighting, Karaoke, etc.

Yes we do! We offer Photo booth services (check out our Photo Booth Page) as well as DJ services. All of your dance floor lighting is included in our DJ Packages, you will not see any surprise add-on pricing from us. Everything to make your event great is in our regular package. Just let us know anything entertainment wise what you have as a part of your vision for your event and we will do our best to help you out.

9.My DJ or band just cancelled on us for this Saturday. Can you help?

Unfortunately, we hear from people in this situation too often: somebody recommended you “save” some money with your wedding entertainment. Now with less than a week to go you find yourself scrambling because someone double-booked, etc.

As DJ's do get booked far in advance, we want to help in any way we can! Just give us a call and hopefully we’ll be open for a short-notice booking. If we can’t help you personally we will try to help you find another DJ in the area. We want to help make sure your wedding day doesn’t get ruined because of someone else.

10. Should we go with the in-house DJ or Band?

You’ve booked the venue and then they encourage you to hire their in-house DJ or Band, and you think just one more thing I have marked off my list and just saved me so much time.

Here’s a little secret the wedding industry doesn’t want you to know: When a venue is “ recommending ” you to use their specific "preferred" vendors they are probably charging you way more than they are paying that vendor, or they are charging that vendor a fee to work at their venue, and ultimately you are paying for this fee.

The type of Bands and DJs that work with these venues are usually ones who wouldn’t otherwise be in demand, may not have the experience of other DJ's and/or may not capable of providing the professional touch that you deserve.

The wedding venues mean well, but a lot of times their "recommendations" and “policies” are meant to make their lives easier and more profitable, not necessarily create the wedding you want. If a wedding venue ever tries to tell you you have to hire their in-house vendors, RUN!

11. What do you require from my event site?
We require at least one 6-foot banquet table, with linens, and adequate power (120-volt, 15-amp circuit on a grounded outlet) within 25 feet of where the DJ will be set up. If your event will occur in multiple spaces (such as a wedding ceremony in another area) then your DJ will need another table and access to electricity in those areas as well. Talk to your DJ about any additional areas that need sound coverage and they can advise you on exactly what they need to make it happen.

12. How do you dress for an event?
Our performers’ typical “uniform” is a professional, button down shirt with dark slacks. However if your event is held outdoors or in a venue without central heat or air conditioned environment we must be notified, as dress may have to be changed so that your performer is comfortable for the entire event. If a tuxedo or other attire is required for your wedding, you may need to pay for a rental.

13. Will you bring an assistant?
We rarely bring an assistant, as we are a family business there may be two of us there for specific events, but this is not guaranteed.  DJ'ing a wedding for less than 300 guests is a one-person job. DJs who always bring an assistant usually do so because they need help with their equipment, or they want someone to fetch them drinks, or they want to break down and load out faster at the end of the night – we don’t believe that’s something you need to pay for.

14. Can we visit you at a performance?
Out of respect for the privacy of our customers on their special day, we do not permit prospective clients to “drop in” on a wedding. Be weary of those DJ's and Venues that allow this, as you may have random people walking around during your event.  However, our references, online reviews, and the information we provide you in our initial meeting will speak volumes of our experience, style and professionalism.